We Do Great Design For Creative Folks.

CBI- An Interntational Design Team 

CBI (Create Best Idea)  is a leadingl interior design and project management establishment in the Asia Pacific region. 22 years in the making. Headquartered in Beijing, is also present in major cities such as Shanghai and Singapore. A wide variety of important interior design projects including ARM、Amazon、Verizon 、HP、 IBM 、BD 、Lenovo、 Marriott, Express Bank ltd、 Phillips China Inc. (pcl)、Rohm and Haas China inc、Pearson( ft) Shell、Unilever、GE,  China international intellectech corp. etc. have earned our firm a proud reputation as highly versatile innovators and creative problem solvers. The firm actively seeks challenging work which presents new or unusual circumstances, and are comfortable with breaking new ground when originating concepts.

LEED Authentication

LEED American architectural environmental certification is the "green building assessment system" established and implemented by the U.S Green Building Council, which follows the policy and policy of the American Green Architecture Association. At present, it is considered the most perfect and most influential evaluation standard in all kinds of environmental assessment, green building evaluation and sustainability assessment in all countries of the world. LEED green building certification is the most mature green building certification system in the world at present.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

The "carbon compensation" is a kind of environmental protection activity for people to mitigate global warming. The company should regularly organize some environmental activities, such as counteracting the corresponding carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by planting trees or other environmental protection projects, and increasing the use of environmental protection materials.

Environmental Material Selction

Environmentally friendly materials are mainly natural, they have no or very little toxic and harmful substances, and have no pollution. They only carry out simple processing decorative materials.