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Work Place Strategy Study And Reports

We can evaluate the actual office space needs of client at present and in the future, and provide experimental fit-test or partition floor plan for customers to choose. Based on the office space demand analysis, it can go to determine the actual office space demand at present and in the future by evaluating and analyzing all existing functional departments, the ratio of open office areas and independent offices, and document storage requirements. We can also tailor-made according to the client's company standards and needs.

Change Management

Workplace Strategy is the dynamic alignment of an organization’s work patterns with the work environment to enable peak performance and reduce costs. The role of the person charged with developing the strategy, the 'workplace strategist', is to understand the organization's requirements and recommend a workplace solution that will help them meet their current and future needs. The workplace strategy may facilitate meeting business objectives such as: reducing property costs, improving business performance, merging two or more organizations/cultures, and relocating or consolidating occupied buildings. In more simple terms, the workplace strategy provides a response to either running out of space, having too much space, or wanting to introduce organizational change. The workplace strategy and its implementation quite often occur at an opportune moment such as a property lease break or a company merger or acquisition. The proposed workplace strategy will focus on how to use the space more efficiently and effectively. Recommendations often include moving from cellular (predominantly private office) environments to open plan, or introducing new ways of working and moving to a flexible, activity-based or agile working environment

The process :
1.Understand the company organization
2.Elaborate the company requirements and understand the needs
3.Recommend a workplace solution able to meet the current and future company needs

The Proper Chang management will bring...

Interior Design

CBI adopts international foreland design ideas and life philosophy, that can bring incomparable solid feeling for indoor spaces At the same time we pay attention to the coordination of colors, level and the characterization of style and detail, so that the design can grow in philosophy and respect of traditions


We provide professional consulting and our services are aimed to meet customer requirements. Our team is composed by architects, surveyors and engineers.
Our project management consultant services consist of:
Project supervision and audit
Project Master Plan
Project Coordination and Management
Feasibility study
Submission of building plans to the relevant government authorities
Fire safety and fireproofing engineering inspection and report
Building Settlement inspection Services
Facilities management consulting

Intelligent Building Planning

As the science and technology develops, building intelligence has gradually become familiar, applied, and dependent to people. Multiple intelligent systems make people's lives and work more environmental friendly, efficient and comfortable. The intelligent building system we provide is to optimize the design of the four basic elements of the building (structure, system, service, management) and the internal connections between them, so as to achieve a reasonable investment and high efficiency space that is elegance, comfortable, convenient, fast, and highly secure environment. Generally speaking, intelligent buildings have functions such as office automation, building automation, communication automation, fire protection automation, and security monitoring automation. For example, 5 A system of intelligent building, which contains:
1 CAS—Communication Automation System, abbreviation CA system
2 OAS—Office Automation System, abbreviation CA system
3 FAS—Fire Automation System, abbreviation CA system
4 SAS—Safety Automation System, abbreviation CA system
5 BAS-Building Automation System, abbreviation CA system
Also on CA system we have specialized subsidiaries (China Charcot AP) which owned Cisco, AYAYA, NEC, ALCATEL, LUCENT, Panasonic, SIEMENS and other brands which can provide better data voice system services for our customers.

Soft Furnishing Art Placement

We respect the company’s personal preference about art and soft furnishings. We can act on an advisory level and recommend pieces to enhance the interiors.

We base the selection on these aspects:
1.People-oriented, How would the pieces interact with humans.
2.Promote culture themed pieces which express information about a culture.
3.Individuality. We will keep a consistent approach to ensure the pieces are truly unique.
4.Respect for nature. Whenever possible we show green and natural elements as the theme which can evoke a harmonious environment.


We comply with the human engineering theory that provides a scientific basis for furniture design. Not only more complying with the size and shape of the body, but also considering the impact of furniture shape, material selection and color processing on the physical and psychological level.


We will provide the most reasonable and useable office equipment according to the customer’s needs and space, and provide with constructive advice to help you purchase high quality office equipment.