Our company adopts international foreland design idea, and life philosophy, that can bring incomparable solid feeling for indoor space. At the same time we pay attention to the coordination of color and level and the characterization of style and detail, so that the design can grow up in philosophy.

We improve building performance through practical innovative engineered solutions:

  1. The fit-out area: mep locations and its related systems and plans for  redesign work.
  2. The power/date power shop drawings according to  client’s requirements.
  3.  Duct, pipe, conduit, cable, trunk and electrical box parts  calculation according to the loans of terminals.
  4. Recheck the primary equipment specifications  for fit-out modifications.
  5. Design and develop mep drawings.
  1. Calculation for MEP elements to review if the primary design meets the MEP requirements.
  2. Cost estimations and comparison systems for new options.
  3. Review the primary mep drawings according to the approved proposals, such as the plants, tube wells, conduits, embedded holes, equipment, pipe and cable selections.
  4. Drawing optimization according to approved comments.

Each project, we treat is special for us. We set up our team based on the scope of the project. The power of collaboration ensures a successful completion. We choose the most appropriate process to achieve the project objectives. The use of the methods defined to meet the demand, and demand strict compliance and enforcement of the needs. The balance of each aspect of the scope, timing, cost, quality, resources and risk requirements to complete the specific services and results. Our team goes through a series of interrelated processes to form a complete project management, network, and are strict with this throughout the project. We have always been, coordinating several important components to ensure comprehensive control.

We offer you all kinds of professional consultation for engineering projects. The purpose is to meet the requirements of the customer. Our professional team is composed of architects, statistician and engineers, providing customers with comprehensive and independent engineering project management consulting services.

Office Test Feasbility Report

With years of experience, we make primary measurements and floor plan based on the site information and clients' functional requir- ements to help our clients highly utilize the office space for people working/visiting here.

Soft Environment Configuration

We respect a company’s personal preference about art and soft furnishings. We can act on an advisory level and recommend pieces to enhance the interiors.