Project Scale:1100 square meters

Location:Chengdu, China

Industry:Electronic Technology

Completion:July 2019

Chengdu is the fastest-growing city in China’s commercial society in recent years. At the same time, the city still retains a relaxed lifestyle. Therefore, this Chengdu office of ARM China must naturally coordinate with the overall atmosphere and rhythm of the city. It is exactly what CBI wants to achieve in this case.

In terms of overall design ideas, CBI still continues the overall style that ARM should have as a leader in the semiconductor technology industry, using simple and elegant colors as the environment to mobilize the efficient working atmosphere in this office, with some emphasis on technology. The decorative elements to highlight its industry characteristics. ARM always emphasizes humanistic care, so comfort is a key element in the design content. A large number of soft decorative designs, open and bright leisure spaces are cleverly distributed throughout the office, decorated with vivid and active colors, so that people in this office can achieve a good balance between efficiency and leisure.