Project Scale:1600 square meters

Location:Beijing, China

Industry:Legal Services

Completion:November 2019

Lifang Law Firm is a well-known law firm in the fields of intellectual property, antitrust and compliance, as well as corporate and commercial legal services. At the critical moment of the rapid development of Lifang Lawyer, CBI will be ordered to create a new brand office space for it.

The design team of CBI conducted in-depth communication with the partner representatives of the Lifang lawyer team, and gained a deep insight into the aesthetic orientation and use needs of Lifang lawyers. Therefore, the designer will formulate the core idea of this design work based on this to show the essence of the design in the details.

"Yi" says: The straight square is big, and there is no disadvantage if you don't learn it. Based on this idea, the designer first constructed a front office space with strong lines and square structure. When a client enters the office of Lifang Lawyer for the first time, he may be worried about the legal issues he is currently facing, but in such a space, he can quickly be affected by the psychological feelings brought about this space philosophy. With the help of our legal services, all difficulties and problems will be properly resolved.

The designer embodies the Cube Lawyer's LOGO in the form of an alcove. The indirect lighting in the alcove is in harmony with the main lighting of the space, making the logo appear naturally in the entire space and become the focus of sight. It forms a dialectical relationship with the overall feeling of space, and the design of the LOGO is a "point-and-point" brush.

The open space symbolizes the openness and self-confidence of Lifang lawyers; the rounded seating area represents the aesthetic philosophy of harmony and tolerance. The shape of the ceiling and the color-blocking carpet on the ground outline a themed space in a completely open environment, and the tea cabinet and bar next to it bring the breath of life. Moving to the tea and water recreation area, the use of a large number of wood colors and the treatment of the brickwork on the wall, as well as the wide view of the exterior windows, make people feel like they are outdoors, with more closeness and affinity to nature. For a short break after work, who can give up the warmth and tranquility in such a comfortable environment.

In the corridors that run through the entire office, the designer brings the interpretation of the space back to the design idea of the front hall. The lines are straight, the style is simple, and the colors are distinct, all showing the sense of rigor and calm that a law firm should have.

The white wall has been carefully cut into pieces, engraved with the proud development process and profound historical heritage of Lifang Lawyers. The art sketches at the corners and ends highlight the elegant pursuit of culture and art.

Hearing the thunder in the silent place, the designers of CBI used this idea to create a modern, new office full of design ingenuity and artistic texture for Lifang Law Firm.