Disney + Hotstar-Beijing

Project Scale:1200 sqm

Location:Beijing, China

Industry:Electronic Technology

Completion:March of 2022

   Disney + Hotstar is an online video streaming platform under Disney. It has a large number of film, television and sports event resources, covering 9 languages, with a total duration of more than 150000 hours. Its monthly active users have exceeded 300 millions, and its daily active users is more than100 million.

   With the increasing importance of the Chinese market, hotstar urgently needs a new office space to meet its expanding daily use, and help it maintain the momentum of continuous expansion in Chinese market. CBI was awarded to design and build this new office space, which deeply combines Disney's corporate culture and products. Various representative cartoon images appears at the whole space, making office more relaxed and active. Through the designer's reasonable and ingenious design, all functional spaces of this new office are available, which brings great efficiency and convenience to users from the perspective of humanism.