Project Scale:2200 square meters

Location:Beijing, China


Completion:July 2019

Amazon AWS Beijing Office, while continuing Amazon's consistent design elements, puts more emphasis on sharing and flexible attributes. In this new brand office full of modern office concepts, shared office spaces are interspersed everywhere. Colorful and gorgeous decoration techniques are matched with a variety of office furniture combinations. People can find the most suitable office scene according to their different working conditions at any time.

The designer chose a rug with vibrant colors and gentle temperament, which ingeniously stretched the visual experience of the entire space, and at the same time brought a relaxed and lively atmosphere to the people in it. The theme posters on the wall are divided according to the different functions and departments of the space, and cleverly integrate the corporate culture with daily work. The lighting that has been accurately calculated by the lighting designer reflects the dialectical connection between the technology and art of the CBI design team, giving the entire office a sufficient and appropriate light environment.

Undoubtedly, Amazon AWS Beijing office is an office that can realize dreams.