Project Scale:1500 square meters



Completion:January 2019

This case is the online retailer with the largest variety of commodities and the second largest Internet company in the world. It was a serious challenge for CBI to design the interior office decoration for such a global leader. The senior chief designer of CBI from Florence, Italy. Fabio Canni, accepted this challenge. He used an international vision to grasp the overall situation of this design task and worked together with his Chinese colleagues to achieve the goal.

Entering this office, the LOGO of this international company attracted the attention of visitors. The woodwork and lines in the background are hollowed out and extend to the tea area in the rear space. Through this design technique, the two areas are cleverly combined. On the wall of the operating table in the tea area, the red and black color blocks of the white mosaic are interspersed longitudinally.

This inspirational creative idea comes from the famous title of the Hollywood movie "The Matrix". The large-scale and mysterious data flows and runs, and constitutes the essential illusory but incomparably real matrix world in the movie. The e-commerce business it is engaged in relies on the huge amount of data brought by modern Internet technology, and the American culture represented by the movie "The Matrix" also vividly highlights its cultural background as an American company.

In contrast to the white tone mosaic wall, the designer chose black elements for the seating area directly opposite. The color collocation of black and white fits the philosophical thought of the symbiosis of yin and yang in Zhouyi, a typical representative of Eastern culture. Fabio hopes to interpret the coordination and integration of Eastern and Western cultures in the Singapore company's office through this implied meaning. By extension, the colors of the seats and bar cabinet doors in this space are all used in dark and light tones, so that everyone in them can be immersed in a cultural atmosphere. In this way, the two philosophies and cultures complement each other, and the beauty of harmony flows into the depths of everyone's thoughts.

Everyone who has been to Singapore is impressed and admired by the natural environment of this beautiful garden city. Therefore, in the open office area near the exterior window, the designer will set up a rest area here to do a break after work and enjoy the fresh and pleasant natural landscape outdoors without leaving the office. But it seems to have stepped into the mountains and rivers. The rest area and the open office area are cleverly separated by a hollow sound-absorbing panel.

For this decorative partitioning the designer creates a shape that means a hundred flowers bloom. Transparent technology means to greatly extend the beautiful feeling given to people by the outdoor natural landscape, quiet and dynamic. Inside and outside, dynamics and statics, all become articles under such a brilliant pen.

 In the spacious training area, the designer has ingeniously treated Singapore's landmark buildings and spray-painted them on the theme walls. On the side, the dark night sky is a metaphorical gray background. Many black, white, and orange flying birds that have undergone artistic transformations soar and spread their wings. Just like the wave of the Internet revolution led by this international Internet e-commerce giant, it has lifted its wings in the sky of human civilization and created a future with infinite possibilities.

Because of the status of the industry leader, it has clear requirements for the colors in the office space, and designers need to display their creativity and talents within the constraints of these requirements. In the large conference room, the bright green and yellow colors will occupy a prominent position in the human vision. The talented designer takes the creative idea of "digital jigsaw puzzle" as the starting point, and uses partial dark colors to supplement the theme color, so that the whole space has a kind of agile and jumping passion, and at the same time, this color combination brings people to a macroscopic feeling. Kind of delicate balance.

The people in it are not immune to the influence and active thinking, while at the same time psychologically peaceful and comfortable. The coordination between different colors brings the coordination of visual feelings and thoughts and emotions, which reflects the designer's in-depth grasp of the idea of "harmony".

The blending of different cultures, the convergence of different philosophies, the connection of different spaces, the combination of different colors, unique ingenuity and harmony and beauty. It is this kind of artistic method that CBI has constructed the way of harmony in this Singapore office case.