Project Scale:1800 square meters

Location:Hong Kong,China


Completion:October 2021

For this new SWAROVSKI office located in Hong Kong, the designer of CBI continued to use the philosophical relationship of dialectical unity of black and white. In the front hall, a core section of this design work, a pillar is covered with a large number of bright crystals do delivery the company business precisely. The designer subtly makes the combination of black and white in this space present the feeling of diamond cutting, symbolizing the exquisite craftsmanship of SWAROVSKI crystal products.

Inside the office, the open office area is sparkled with flexible and comfortable collaboration areas. The conference room is designed to be square and elegant, and the product in the wall display cabinet is integrated with the environment and becomes the most appropriate decoration. The leisure tea break area goes an opposite way, with dark color working as the main color, supplemented by natural wood furniture, making a comfortable and leisure space.