Project Scale:500 square meters

Location:Beijing, China


Completion:March 2020

SWAROVSKI, with its exquisite craftsmanship, the brilliant crystals are well-known in the world. The extremely clear and pure crystal constitutes people's perception of SWAROVSKI. This time, CBI will create a new office for it with the same recognition.

CBI’s designers used black and white as the basic colors and used a variety of reflective decorative materials to construct the front hall. Every visitor who walks into this space can experience the extended feeling of the space caused by the reflection of light, which seems like a virtual reality, like a dream or illusion. The angular lines are a metaphor for SWAROVSKI's exquisite cutting technology.

The CBI designer thought deeply about this black and white space, and accurately delineated the boundaries of colors. The refined color ratio makes the various functional elements in the entire space complement each other, without any sense of abruptness. On the contrary, the people in it can fully and naturally accept it, and produce a wonderful sense of harmony.

In the internal public leisure space, in addition to continuing the black and white tone, CBI flexibly introduces gray elements in accordance with local conditions, and appropriately neutralizes the strong contrast caused by the color collision, making the impact of the space brought to people under the ingenious use of color. Relax and feel relaxed and happy mentally.

In the decoration of the internal discussion area, CBI selected simple but elegant furniture. The concise and clear space experience allows people participating in group discussions or meetings in their best condition, and complete efficient work communication inadvertently.

In order to use it more efficiently, movable office furniture is used in the spacious and bright conference room, and some of the wall materials are also selected in a more neutral gray with the white theme color to form a match. The crystal chandelier dotted in it becomes an excellent space decoration. The moment it lights up, it also lights up the crystal in everyone's heart.

The cordial and gentle wood color can always bring people a natural feeling of comfort and tranquility, so in the tea leisure area, CBI introduced wood color between black and white theme colors. When you sit here, the bright sun shines all over your body. The black is the heavy rocks of the Alps, the white is the snow, and the wood is like the trees in the mountains, and being in it is like a wonderful time and space travel.

In the internal office space, CBI continues to use the color philosophy, black and white. The gray workstation screen and the bright color of the push cabinet form a perfect embellishment, sweeping away the heaviness brought by the basic color of the entire space. Human feelings will not be cold and suppressed, but will be stimulated with infinite vitality.

With precise lines, pure colors, and clever decoration elements, CBI uses such a sophisticated design language to deduce the culture and connotation of SWAROVSKI in this office, so that all these convey a crystal-like pure space experience.