Project Scale: 1000 square meters

Location:Beijing, China

Industry:Building Decoration

Completion:December 2017

Beijing Sumei Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. (CBI) has experienced more than 20 years of development and is now at the forefront of the industry. With the continuous development of the company, our team is constantly growing and expanding. Therefore, a new brand office was born. We will turn this office into a test field where we will practice cutting-edge design concepts and use the latest decorations. Materials turn this office into a beautiful business card.

Thanks to the advantage of the height of the building itself, we divided the office in two floors. In the front hall part, the original floor height of the building is retained, and the front hall itself is not open. In the designer’s ingenious conception, it is turned into a golden ratio. With sufficient floor height, the space experience breaks through the limitations of the plane size and appears elegant without losing the atmosphere. In the large conference room, the designer made full use of the reasonable combination of different decoration materials. The main colors of gray and white and the partial wood color make the atmosphere of the entire conference room quiet and vivid; sound-absorbing materials and accurately calculated lighting fixtures. The use of this conference room fully meets the technical parameters required for daily use.

The spiral staircase cleverly connects the upper and lower floors of the office space. The waterscape under the stairs regulates the humidity of the environment. The gurgling sound also brings a vivid feeling to the office. The open pantry is comfortable and properly sheltered, so that colleagues who are engaged in high-intensity daily work can relax and rest here. The new decorative materials used throughout the office can enable our team to carry out adequate engineering practices and improve the quality of the office.