Songshan Tech-Innovation Fund — Henan Headquarter

Project Scale:1800 square meters

Location:Henan, China


Completion: June 2017

Henan Songshan Science and Technology Innovation Fund Management Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Songshan Science and Innovation") was co-sponsored and founded by CCRE Holdings Development, Bairui Trust and Yutong Group, with a fund management scale of 10 billion yuan. Based on the Central Plains, guided by international scientific and technological innovation achievements, and driven by strong capital power, it strongly promotes the development of the science and technology industry. In Zhengzhou, the leading city with the fastest development momentum and fastest growth rate in China in recent years, CBI is very honored to be tasked to build a new corporate headquarters office for Songshan Science & Technology.

The square open front hall, elegant and solemn decoration style, reflects the broad and open pattern of Songshan Science and Technology Innovation. The front desk is made of a natural stone with a landscape pattern carefully selected by the designer. "The beauty of the two rooms, living in the four squares, is unique and has a strong shape", which is the theme of Songyue.

The waiting area on the left side of the front hall is quiet and comfortable. It is distinguished by the shape of the ceiling and the floor materials. The partitioned area forms a harmonious relationship with the whole front hall in terms of function and decoration. During the short sitting period, the visiting guests all felt the cordiality and welcome brought by this office.

Zen tea blindly, the owner of this office is a master of tea culture and an expert of Zen philosophy. Therefore, in a corner of this office, a functional area for drinking tea and meeting guests is specially set up.

As a leader in the technology and financial industry, Songshan Science & Technology Co., Ltd. often needs to face important reception work. After in-depth exploration, the designers of CBI combined the industry characteristics and corporate temperament of Songshan Science and Technology to design such an elegant and sophisticated VIP reception room.

The open office area has returned to the traditional decoration style belonging to financial enterprises. The clean and elegant office environment makes every employee who works again feel comfortable and relaxed. The staff station is adjacent to the department manager and small and medium-sized meeting rooms to fully meet the needs of daily office work.

The tea and water recreation area are a major design highlight. The environment here is lively, which is widely welcomed by employees. In addition to the tea and leisure function, it is also an ideal place for daily communication activities within the enterprise. Whether it is a group discussion or a small party, the environment here seems appropriate.

Everyone who walks into this office, whether it is an employee or a visitor, can personally feel the beautiful feeling brought by the decoration environment. CBI hopes to interpret the characteristics of the customer's industry through sophisticated design and provide the best design plan. This Songshan Science & Innovation office is undoubtedly another successful case.