Project Scale:12.000 square meters

Location:Shanghai, China

Industry:Daily chemical industry

Completion:May 2020

Unilever, a brand that plays a pivotal role in the light industry in China and the world, has been around for more than a century since 1929. This company, headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and London, England, has been working in the Chinese market for decades and has been deeply involved in the wave of contemporary China's industrialization and modernization. This time, CBI is very honored to be appointed to provide our creativity and inspiration to Unilever's China headquarters in Shanghai.

The main sources of Unilever we know are its brands such as Lux, Sunsilk, Pond's, Lipton, Zhonghua and Omo. These brands have penetrated into our daily lives, and in the design work, our team members always maintain a sense of intimacy.  We will also use design methods to extend this kind of intimacy into the space of this project, so that people in this office can share this beautiful feeling.

Our electromechanical design team conducted first a detailed inspection of the air-conditioning, fire-fighting, water supply and drainage and other infrastructure equipment that had been installed in the building. The main designer Wang Liang believes that our design should reflect the combination of Unilever's industrial sense and delicate elegance. Therefore, in the design of the ceiling, we have adopted a large area of naked ceilings. The electromechanical design team re-planned and reorganized the equipment and pipelines densely packed in the ceiling, so that the arrangement of the originally scattered equipment and pipelines was "stable" and distinct, and through the designer's brilliant pen, it was ingeniously related to the entire space. The design themes are integrated and organically combined.

The work of the lighting engineer will be carried out under the unified design thinking of the chief designer. Lighting is an important link between the previous and the next. Accurate calculations are required to achieve perfect coordination between the equipment pipelines in the ceiling above the lamps and the decoration engineering below under the premise of ensuring adequate and moderate ambient light. The visual experience of people in the entire space will be cheerful, and a subtle experience of spiritual happiness and comfort will be obtained. Lamps of different appearance styles are cleverly placed in the space while completing their duties of lighting, helping people to intuitively feel the different use functions of each space area, making the overall space both dynamic and static.

Broadly speaking, industry is often associated with words such as heavy, cold, mechanical, and tight-fitting. But Unilever is not the case. The brands and products of this company have already penetrated into the daily lives of thousands of households, bringing people a comfortable and convenient experience. Therefore, in the facade design, we used gray as the main color on a large area, together with the ceiling and the ground, to precisely control the visual saturation of the entire space, and project the industrial Beijing color into the eyes of people. At the same time, in the partial facade decoration and furniture, the designer chose the vibrant and lively orange and other color elements to inject vitality into the originally slightly cold space.

In terms of the functionality of the space, in addition to meeting traditional functional requirements, designers have interspersed a large number of leisure spaces in different areas. Users can flexibly use it to conduct group discussions, small-scale conferences, and even use in addition to coffee breaks. For mobile office, it can fully mobilize people's subjective initiative and let the space provide inspiration and creativity for people's work.

With this ingenious idea, Plastic Beauty has carried out this successful design for Unilever's China headquarters, which perfectly combines the purity and simplicity of industry, the beauty and comfort of life.