Project Scale:2800 square meters

Location: Zhengzhou, China


Completion:October 2018

In the era when the Internet is sweeping across the land of China, the Internet industry is mainly concentrated in traditional first-tier cities, and the central plains in the hinterland are often jokingly called "the desert of the Internet industry" by many people. It is against this background that the leaders of Henan Ruizhiqi Network Technology Co., Ltd. saw the opportunities for the development of the Internet industry with a highly intelligent vision, keenly followed the pulse of the times, and created the "Ruizhi Banner" with a preemptive trend brand.

After more than ten years of rapid development, Henan Ruizhiqi Network Technology Co., Ltd. has now developed into a leader in the Internet industry in the Central Plains. At the key node of enterprise development, a new headquarters office that is more modern and more in line with the industry status of Ruizhiqi has become the primary demand. The CBI design team will seize this opportunity to create a new office brand for Ruizhiqi that matches its industry leader status.

This office is located on the elevator transfer floor, and people who shuttle up and down are all attracted by the bright and elegant front hall of the overall environment. The lighting engineer accurately calculated the illuminance of the lights in the front hall to form an obvious but reasonable light-dark relationship with the lights in the elevator hall, so that everyone's eyes were naturally focused on this. The corporate LOGO at the focal point in the open front hall and the corporate promotional video scrolling on the high-definition display made everyone fully aware of the company's strong strength and profound heritage in the industry.

This office is interspersed with comfortable, colorful and lively leisure areas. The Internet industry always needs the brightest minds and the most innovative ideas, and here is the ideal environment to inspire this feature. The wonderful ideas bred in such an environment will surely create unlimited value for the enterprise.

The rapid and vigorous development of Ruizhiqi is the epitome of the continuous progress of China's Internet industry. In this headquarters office, the company is bound to continue its unprecedented development momentum and create new industry miracles. CBI is very honoured to participate in it, with its own ideas and creativity to assist Ruizhi to open up a new history and bring a glorious tomorrow.