Project Scale:500 square meters

Location: Xi'an, China


Completion:October 2016

UBER is the pioneer of the contemporary sharing economy. When the design team of CBI and UBER collided with UBER, they realized this feature more deeply. Therefore, in this case, CBI will also use design methods to inject this feature into UBER. Among the design spirit of Xi'an office.

The tone of the UBER office is based on black, which is very modern and deep. CBI's electromechanical designers have spent a lot of effort to make such a dark tone space have proper and sufficient lighting, but will not destroy its unique deep tone. The ingenious combination of light and dark relations makes UBER's temperament deeper and quieter, but through the reasonable planning of the CBI design team, various actual functions in the office are vividly matched. People who work here will not fall into the traction of the environmental tone at all, but are lively, flexible and efficient. This dialectical unity of people and space can greatly help the UBER team to always maintain efficient innovation capabilities, so that it always maintains its leading position in the industry.