Project Scale:220000 ㎡

Location:Guangzhou, China


Completion:August of 2024

   Heyou international  hospital is a great challenge with opportunities that CBI facing again in the field of healthcare space design. 

   CBI has established an experienced professional elite team to accept this challenge. In this highly modern building, the designers of CBI have made great efforts to plan the overall layout of the whole hospital in the most scientific and reasonable way on the basis of fully meeting the requirements of the medical profession. 

   When the patient entered into the hospital, he can feel the treatment flow route was in the most optimized and efficient way, which effectively alleviated his restlessness. At the same time, the designer carefully selected various decorative materials from the perspective of psychology to define the environmental design style of different regional departments. The mild color tone and comfortable environment make the doctors and patients more inclusive and understand each other. 

   This new modern hospital will become another industry model created by CBI.