"Shouhou·Everyone" Health Care

Project Scale:45.000 square meters

Location: Beijing, China


Completion:August 2020

Respecting the old and loving the young are the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. This is a sentence that is familiar to all of us. The concept of respecting the old has flowed in our blood and has become the most positive and beautiful organic component of Chinese culture. today’s Chinese society has been baptized by the tide of reform and opening up, and is in a stage of rapid development of youthful vigor, but at the same time, we should still pay attention to the fact that China is entering an aging society, and a series of problems and issues have arisen. Challenges are accompanying the lives of everyone in society.

In the face of this social wave, CBI actively participated in it, provided professional technical and creative support for the "Shouhou · Everyone" health care project, and contributed a positive force to my country's health care industry. The design director Wang Liang served as the main designer in this project. He will lead the design team to explore the difficulties and contradictions brought by the aging society, and his own talent and spirit of hard work, he will turn this project into a beautiful picture. Industry business card.

 Opened in 1987, Yong'an Hotel is located at the northern end of Beijing’s Central Business District (CBD), adjacent to the embassy district and Chaoyang Park. The location and surrounding environment are very superior. The predecessor, Yongan Apartment, used to be a garden-style foreign-related apartment with a strong family atmosphere. The architectural layout of more than 40.000 square meters is also very suitable for the living and living of the elderly with health needs.

 At the beginning of the work, the design team focused on the premise of "aging-appropriate design", carefully observing the various actual needs that the elderly may encounter in their daily lives. The function of living is the foundation of the whole design work. The designer transformed the original guest room into a living space in the home environment. The comfortable and warm bedding in the bedroom is matched with the elegant and simple environment colors. Desks, TVs, wardrobes, small rooms have all kinds of living functions.

 The elderly also need social activities, so traditional fitness and entertainment functions such as table tennis, billiards, chess and mahjong, yoga, and Tai Chi are fully considered, so that the elderly can easily obtain healthy exercise while reaping the benefits of social activities without leaving home. A sense of psychological fulfillment. Calligraphy, painting, music, these special art spaces allow the elderly to sway and enjoy art. The spacious and bright tea talk leisure area is convenient for visiting family members and the elderly to visit and communicate.

 The availability of health and medical functions directly determines whether the elderly can enjoy high-quality health care services. The designer planned out a professional medical and health service area. The treatment room and pharmacy set up by medical insurance facilitate the daily medical needs of the elderly; traditional acupuncture, moxibustion, massage, and Western medicine rehabilitation physiotherapy center provide sufficient beds, so that the elderly can obtain comprehensive health care functions without leaving home.

 All entrances and exits are equipped with ramps that can be easily accessed by wheelchairs; while taking into account the design effects, the indoor and outdoor floors are all made of non-slip materials. The same is true for the daily use of the indoor facilities. The designer has customized the size and installation method for the wash basin in the bathroom, and reserves enough space below for the elderly who are difficult to stand for a long time. The corresponding mirror box and the faucet is also all improved in accordance with the principle of convenient use by the elderly. The wall socket improves the installation position, so the elderly can use it easily without bending over. All design details reflect the "age-friendly" design concept.

 A large number of frugal and elegant colors and decorative materials in the indoor environment decoration strive to create a warm and peaceful environment, helping the elderly living in it to stay away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and return to quiet and peaceful life. That's it. CBI uses professional capabilities to combine lofty concepts, decorating spaces, giving back to the society, and practicing concepts and responsibilities in the elderly care industry.