Beijing Pediatric Research Institute

Project Scale: 18000 ㎡

Location:Beijing, China


Completion:May of 2024

   In the new medical space of the children's Institute, the design team of CBI fully implemented the motion and concept of caring for children. Professional medical space designers have planned the overall layout in the most scientific and reasonable way, and modern and intelligent technical skills have laid a solid hardware foundation for this brand-new hospital. 

   The interior designer makes good use of his own ingenious ideas, fully considers the impact of the space environment on children, and adopts various vivid and interesting decorative elements to make the whole space full of childlike naive and fun, and so as to soothe the originally nervous mood of the children.

    Travelling through this new-built hospital, the children who come to see a doctor can temporarily dumb aside the impact of illness and pain, just like stepping into a relaxed, interesting and caring park.