Project Scale:500 square meters

Location:Shanghai, China

Industry:Building Decoration

Completion:December 2020

With the development of the economy, in the past 26 years, CBI has grown into an important force in the interior design industry in the Asia Pacific region, custom - tailoring its own office space for hundreds of well-known domestic and international enterprises, and grasping the pulse of the times, expanding its business scope to various fields such as comprehensive commercial space, pension real estate, and medical and education.

Nowadays, the development of CBI has entered a new stage. Since Yangtze River Delta region became an important international gateway in the Asia Pacific region,CBI Shanghai office   upgraded accordingly.

Based on years of accumulated experience in the industry, starting from the perspectives of acoustics, optics, and mechatronics, combined with current agile office design concepts, we have built an office space that combines functional and display properties.

The office is located in a bustling area of Shanghai, where the outdoor bustling city does not stop for a moment, and the office space needs a quiet attribute. CBI's acoustic engineers have conducted accurate calculations based on the acoustic characteristics of the space, using a large number of materials with sound insulation, sound absorption, and other characteristics to perform acoustic control on different functional spaces, which effectively reducing the adverse impact of environmental noise on people, and significantly improving the comfort of the office room as well.

The lighting designer has fully investigated the natural lighting conditions of the building itself and carefully designed the spatial lighting. The use of a large number of diffuse reflective light sources enables employees to reduce eye fatigue during working hours and maintain optimal working conditions for a longer time. The scientific planning of lighting conditions not only improves work efficiency, but also protects the health of employees.

Electrical engineers have used a new intelligent system to provide efficient and convenient use experience for the office, while implementing the environmentalist concept of low carbon and energy conservation.

A large number of flexible working spaces in the office allow employees to freely choose the most comfortable and appropriate place to work. A small independent space in the office that provides a private and comfortable place for private phone calls and quick meetings.

This office embodies the spirit of CBI. Here, more creative passion and inspiration will burst forth.