Project Scale:3500 square meters

Location:Suzhou, China

Industry: Artificial Intelligence

Completion:January 2020

Artificial intelligence and autonomous driving technology are at the forefront of technological development of the times, and MOMENTA's new office is showing this outstanding industry characteristic to everyone.

The CBI design team has set two key points for the design concept of this project: a sense of technology and a sense of modernity. Based on the three colors of blue, gray, and white, the designer has performed a clever combination of applications, which creates a wonderful chemical reaction in the entire space environment, giving this office a full sense of technology. The lighting designer set up unique lighting in different areas of the office through precise calculations. When people are in this office, it is like if they are between the present and the future.

MOMENTA is a young, passionate and energetic team, so the designer broke the tradition and set up a large number of flexible office areas and open discussion areas in this office. People at work can choose small discussion meetings according to their own needs, or form a temporary working group to conduct efficient work exchanges nearby. This flexible sharing concept is the pioneering concept of modern office space design, and the CBI design team successfully implemented it in this case.